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Book Review: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra

Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra rests comfortably in the palms of a hand with polished verses in the era of modernity. The book contains words like pearls that remain scattered. It blends well to become the countryside, valleys, mountains, planets, universes with a collection of poetry, prose, and photographs.

We have to have the patience to follow the reasoning that stops time, enlarges the space, visions, and thoughts. Because, as the true poets, perceives in things beyond what their worldly sense, reducing human facts to their essential moment. This a precious little book. The author has a special feeling for artistic phenomenology in all its forms. The poems and the prose, envelops the reader like a thick and pasty breath, of unexpected familiarity.

The poet returns to its origins when the look was pure ability to see. The impact of the experience and ways of living in the present day is seen in relation to the voice of the poet in the same time. She tried often dramatically to give a sense to the riddle of existence.

The words of the poet are sparks of timeless wisdom. There is the finitude of the individual and the anxiety of the infinite. There is the singularity of the living and the chimera of the case. There is the order of the day and the night, the presence and absence. There is the look and the visible, the thinking on edge of the abyss. All themes dear to the poet are reflected in poignant reading of the poems.

Thus emerges that the unconscious poet, transfigured in the matter itself that sought to overcome. And more generally a collective unconscious level diverting the mind from what is expressed in the composition. The case shows that things exist as such, in an irreducible materiality to the spirit.

The words becomes poetry with story of life, elegy of nature through a path that winds through the valleys of the soul. It reaches up to the reader that breathes every fragment. The words are combined with images and pour into the hearts of those who understand the immense sensitivity, that attitude given to artists who look and feel as well.

A true masterpiece that, borders on absolute creativity from poetry, prose and photographs. It go straight to the heart dedicated to pain and contradictions of life. The pages introduce us to understand that this mixture, in fact, of prose, poetry and images attracts and makes one think as each piece has its meaning but the sense.

The beautiful pages of pictures, prose, and poetry make this book a masterpiece. The beautiful photos associated with melodies enchant the reader who will notice the beautiful poetry and strong feelings that come from deep inside. The author succeeds to give a rhythm to the words that become new because of that proceeding music.

The words of the poet are attentive not only to the movements of her soul, but also the vision of the world that portrays with words and images. To understand the poems they are to be read, interpreted, and processed with a musical rhythm paced with sophistry. There is a record of a solid verbal complaint of the evils of a society with so many crumbs that constitute the whole world. The poems feel and communicate the desire of cleaning all areas of social life.

An original reading, with a book full of emotions, the author knows how to be ironic and dramatic, true and real, light and heavy. The poems as small fragments of glasses communicate with an illusion and despair of life. The verses are mixed with fantasy, pain, hope, memories, and photographs that raise the primordial material in a divine vortex.

The feeling vibrates, but not submerges rationality as in the choice of words. Sometimes biting metaphors touches the soul and make careful and attentive souls distracted with its elegant lines that sometimes shake the soul.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 176 ♥ Publisher: Cyberwit ♥ Published: January 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8182536517


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