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Book Review - In the Shadows of Death by Sourabh Mukherjee

In The Shadows of Death: A Detective Agni Mitra Thriller by Sourabh Mukherjee is full of twists. Especially the reader does not expect the amazing finale. Reading the book you can make a thousand theories about who might be the murderer. You try to find the motivation that it may have pushed to make such a gesture.

Sheetal Mehra, HR executive with Crescent Technologies, is found murdered in the toilet of a Kolkata hotel following an office get-together. Anyone could have killed her from the displeased husband, a lecherous supervisor and one of her numerous jilted admirers.

ACP Agni Mitra finds out about her double-crossing behavior as he starts investigating the murder. But the inquiry is wedged in innumerable confounding questions. Then the murder of Meenakshi Menon, a Director of Altius Finance, hits the headlines. More murders astound the metropolis. It is not too long before the mêlée of intellect with his invisible antagonist turns personal for Agni. He has to battle storms brewing in his personal life. But a cold-blooded assassin walking without restraint.

The characters are outlined with a few quick touches. They are generally defined by a single and prevalent trait nonetheless striking humanity of their feelings and their sufferings. The solution to the mystery is absolutely original and innovative. Unlike other novels, this motive is clear from the start. Some readers, particularly with lively gray cells, could arrive at a solution before the detective obviously in the final pages. But the pleasure of reading will not be decreased.

While never failing the subtle Indian humor of the writer, the overall atmosphere is very claustrophobic. It amplifies the suspense and it all takes place in an open environment. Everyone can escape, whether the victims or the culprit. The reader is transported on the streets of Kolkata and involved in the action both emotionally and intellectually.

But it is these three elements, emotional involvement, the challenge with the investigator and all-consuming feelings of fear that makes this book a masterpiece. However, upon finding the truth it would be hard to understand that the story is not just a thriller story. It has a desire to bring an important message to young people. Who, for various reasons, may find themselves struggling to fit in today's society. The story also highlights how it is difficult to have confidence in others.

In each chapter, there is a surprising element that makes you always maintain a degree of caution to all. Because you feel that nothing is as it seems. The book is recommended because the plot is well thought out. The elements intertwine and unravel with intelligence.

It promises to leave the reader glued to the last page. And so does the fluent, compelling narrative that can be read in one breath. It dispense shots twists and reversals throughout the book so as to arouse more curiosity. This constant shift of the book today to flashbacks of the past also allows the reader to not get bored. Even substantial repetitions of scenes and dialogues, in fact, help to never lose the thread.

You will enjoy reading this book. Because the story is very compelling and evolving until you get to the unexpected end. In addition to the story, the writer wanted to convey a message to the people and their social problems. Thereby leading the reader to reflect on such an important subject.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: December 2015 ○ ISBN - 13: 978-9382665571 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 224


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