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Smash My Glass Book Review

Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra rests comfortably in the palms of a hand with polished verses in the era of modernity that contain words like pearls that remain scattered, and blend well to become the countryside, valleys, mountains, planets, universes with a collection of poetry, prose, and photographs.

We have to have the patience to follow the reasoning that stops time, enlarges the space, visions, and thoughts because, as the true poets, perceives in things beyond what their worldly sense, reducing human facts to their essential moment. This a precious little book with the author has a special feeling for artistic phenomenology in all its forms with the poems and the prose’s, envelops the reader like a thick and pasty breath, of unexpected familiarity.

The poet returns to its origins when the look was pure ability to see. The impact of the experience and ways of living in the present day is seen in relation to the voice of the poet in the same time who tried often dramatically to …

Floating Haiku Book Review

Floating Haiku by Shalini Yadav is a collection of Haiku and some images which are inspiring lessons of enormous value from the point of view of ethics and aesthetically its content is generally a reminder of the fleeting nature and observation of reality and is, therefore, a very visual poem, which in a nutshell shakes the human soul and draws deep emotional nuances.

Not all yet know about the haiku. In its extreme brevity, the haiku is perhaps the genre that best expresses the Japanese sensibility, which prefers the illusion, the hint, the fragment to the completeness and redundancy. This lyric was born in Japan and is characterized by a metrical structure of seventeen on a phonetic unit of the eastern base respectively on three lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

The level of the poems is undoubtedly very high and the reader will be bowled over to the wealth of images and feelings that can evoke from three lines comprising the love for nature, the romantic paintings, the mela…