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Glorious Uncertainties Book Review

Glorious Uncertainties: Order in Chaos, Beauty in Chaos by Prashant Singh is a fine book because it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with the protagonist, who has a remarkable acumen that will push the reader to love her or hate her who is both lovable and sociable.

After winning the Miss Bangalore title, Garima Pradhan, a smart charming woman with feminist ideology and modern features who inspires awe is offered a lead role in a movie. She resists the temptation, preferring to complete her MBA course. She then takes up a job at a bank where one day she meets Deven Herai, a high-value customer, in a most unromantic situation. The two, nevertheless, fall for each other soon and after a brief courtship, they tie the knot.

Garima is soon disillusioned as she finds herself reduced to a trophy wife as she became his wife before becoming a woman. Until one day she feels that something begins to creak. The passion and desire face in everyday life, forcing her to question herself.…