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Colours of Life Book Review

Colours of Life is a book by Ashwani Tyagi that gives a picture of spot on insignia of existence with a plain narrative, endeavouring to put into words a significance to the book lovers in relation to a youthful young man, whose verve begins to transform when he gets into a specialized engineering institution and walks off to boarding house where through this expedition he appears athwart an assortment of ensigns of being in the shape of chalk and cheese state of affairs, way of life and the folks he meet up.

Time has weird and wonderful traditions of providing messages to its apprentice where we all arrive transversely a mixture of circumstances as well as conditions in verve which puts down an enduring consciousness on our wits and is up to us to gain knowledge as of the state of affairs as well as make use of the wisdom in upcoming but largely individuals disregard the message discovered as well as also the circumstances and that is why they go on with to thrash about. Thriving fo…